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Track your mobile in real time !

Stay in control of your tracking projects easily with our real time gps tracking web-based interface. All the programming of your online interface can be adapted according to your needs. Each user has his own protected data base. A means simple and fast to move back easily in the past and to know all on displacements of your mobiles and to carry out various tasks with your data collected.

Included with any real time tracking device:

  • With any unit purchase, this interface is included for 6 months with unlimited access to the Actual GPS Position section only. A subscription is necessary to use all the advanced fonctionnalities of the interface.

Customer Options:

  • Professional subscription offering all fonctionnalities
  • Professional development according to your needs

Reseller Options:

  • Modification of the interface to look like your company's logo, etc
  • Complete administrative access for the creation of the clients' accounts and inscription of devices.
  • Key-in-hand programming of the units and formation
  • Professional development according to your needs

Developers Options:

  • Forward automation to your server to use your own applications
  • Professional development according to your needs


  • Locate in real time with internet
  • Accessible from everywhere and even on mobile telephone
  • World tracking capability
  • An unlimited number of mobiles in your interface
  • Access unlimited to your interface in any time
  • Current GPS position in real time
  • Detailed layouts easy from a date to another
  • Multiple tracking
  • Detailed data reports
  • Events reports, displacements / stops reports
  • Geofence analysis
  • Statistics on the transmissions of your mobiles
  • Detection of the address of each received position
  • Google Maps API implementation
  • Google Earth reports






User Manual


You would like to offer a real time tracking solution to your customers ?

Nothing simpler, the interface was conceived so that you can resell this service to your customers. You have all the administrative control of the interface and can create clients' accounts and configure it easily. The interface take the look of your company's logo. A means simple and fast to start in business without investment and to generate interesting incomes. Communicate with us for further information.


Your interface is a tool that is giving you the possibility to locate, follow, analyze and know the least displacement of a GPS module provided with a GSM or a satellite transmitter. This real time tracking system is international and the laws in your country can be against the fact of following a person without her assent. Before using the system in this way, please consult and respect the applicable laws in your country. This system can be easily used for safety, business or for simple leisure. TRAKGPS does not assume any responsibility for the use which you will make of this interface and the unhappy consequences which could occur with its use. Our confidential policy ensures you that any information associated with your interface will not be revealed to anyone without your written authorization. Each interface is protected and strictly personal to its respective user. For your service, the data of your mobiles are preserved into our servers and you have the full access in any time to use your private information.

These specifications are subject to changes without notice.

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