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Security and SafetyThe realtime GPS Tracking is a big advantage when the security and safety are important. Easily locate a children, a teennager, a senior or an animal. With a GPS Tracker, you can protect an monitor an object that is not suppose to move like for example a car in a parking place.

In Emergency situation, by pressing the S.O.S. button, the microTracker will send an emergency signal to your interface, on cellular telephones or other links. Our average delay between alarm and receiving the signal is about 5 secondes all around the world. Help can become more fast and give opportunity to save life.

For all off road activities far from help services, it can become important to prevent to alert someone. With a GPS tracking unit you just have to inform the target destination of your system and feel safety. The device have voice feature so you can also call someone. It's like a cellular phone and a GPS in the same unit.

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