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    Professional ExpertiseYour satisfaction is important to us and we have the expertise to promptly resolve your questions.

    We can help you to find exactly what you're looking for in your real time tracking project.

    We encourage you to contact us with any questions and feedback you might have.

  • Real Time Tracking Devices

    Real Time Tracking DevicesControl and monitor your vehicles with a real time GPS tracking solution. The management and the others possibilities can lead to significant gains over the mid-term.

    We have only electronic quality devices in our real time tracking systems but also all that you need to control and monitor all kind of signals.

    You can trust us for the technical side!

  • Online GPS Interface

    Online GPS InterfaceBy using our real time interface you can access it from all around the world by using internet or mobile phone and you can easily know about all of your tracking informations.

    The layouts, graphs and reports will fast inform you of the situation. You can review the past and better plan the future in the simple way.

    Take the time to look and compare our real time interface!

  • Turn-Key Solutions

    Turn-Key SolutionsTrust our professional expertise and choose a turn-key solution for your project. Together we will define the best solution to meet your objectives and then propose you a solution without worry according to your needs.

    The devices configuration, the cellular plan, the interface configuration, the installation and all effective procedure of operation will bring to you with guarantee an increased reliability with lower cost of your tracking project.

  • Installation and Support

    Installation and SupportOur qualified technicians can install your tracking devices according to your requirements aboard vehicles or others target to locate.

    We know that the service must be beyond waitings for preserving our customers. Remember that if you are satisfied, we will be too!

    If you wish to install all by yourself, our experts can also assist you.

  • Partnership

    PartnershipWould you like to offer a real time GPS tracking solution?

    Nothing is simpler, the interface was conceived so that you can resell this service to your customers with your own front page company identity. You have all the administration control of the interface and you can create customer accounts and configure the whole easily.

    Start your business without any investment.
    Communicate with us for further information.

News :

They sell everything to travel all arround Americas !

2012 - 2013 - We are proud to finance in real time satellite tracking the Exploraventure team. Exploraventure it is first of all a family: Marie-Joëlle, Simon and their two children, Zackary, 11 years and Lea, 6 years. Always moving, thousand and one projects on the table, it was pretty sure that one day, they would leave. It was just a question that they decide the moment and the place ! The idea to explore Americas, from east to west and from north to south, their came a good morning where as they called in question the direction of their life and the manner of raising their children. Anything to lose and all to gain, they will leave very soon for a one year tour around three Americas, for the meeting of the various cultures which populate our immense continent.

They will be safe and followed with our personalized real time satellite tracking solutions. We sincerely wish them the best moments of their life with this great experiment !

Follow them in real time
More details...


Globalstar VAR Certified
August 19, 2011 - We are proud to have obtained the VAR certification of Globalstar, this world leader in satellite communications.

Thus we are able now to offer a real time satellite tracking solutions where no other unit was able to work before. The Smartone unit is transmitting its information by satellite contrary to the others units that used the GSM cellular network to communicate.


Balloon launching in stratosphere

June 4, 2011 - We've launch a balloon in the stratosphere at more than 100,000 feet of altitude. It was a success and with a real time GPS tracking system on board we could locate it and recover the video material on board.

Launching was done in Grand-Mère, Quebec and the landing was Granby, Quebec. The balloon was reached speeds of 142 mph and was subjected to temperatures of -60°Celsius. It was a memorable experiment with incredible vidéo and pictures !!!

Short video version

Anne So Bresil

A new adventure for the GMAX!

May 31, 2011 - It is a new departure for our adventurous Anne-Sophie who has just left Quebec to discover the bresilian life !
For two months, she was located and protected with the GMAX and our real time tracking solution.

We wish you a happy trip in South America!


Tandem 20,000 km of Alaska to the Earth of Fire!

TRAKGPS is proud to help the TANDAMERICA team to be followed to the trace in their adventure out of tandem of more than 20,000 km from Alaska to the Earth of Fire! Throughout their project which will begin on May 20, 2010 for approximately 10 months, their protection will be ensured with the SPOT satellite solution and in case of emergency where they could be helped and rescue everywhere they are even by helicopter or boat!

We will be able to follow them in real time each 10 minutes and they will be able even to inform us of their health. Good courage!


Swimmers in real time with the crossing of Saguenay…

At the summer the 2009 the Geomatic Center of Quebec was ready for the 2009 edition of the Saguenay river crossing with the follow-up of the athletes in real time.

The follow-up in real time was made possible to identify the position of the swimmers and the formation of groups on a chart via a web site construct for that, all the course of the race could be followed in real time everywhere on planet by Internet with our solutions.

Test of the GMAX on the other continent...

In the period between June 2 - August 19, 2008 we had a chance to have interested travellers for testing the GMAX to others internationals locations with GSM data transmissions. Our aims were filled. Here is what the principal experimenter, Mr.Gilles Beaudoin, wrote to us:

"I am reversed by the performances of the GMAX combined with the interface! This system enabled us to follow "on line" all displacements of our daughter, left on a journey exploration in the most far areas of the Central Asia. Thanks to TRAKGPS we could follow this great experience and also benefit of this extraordinary peace of mind."

A special thanks to our adventurous Anne-Sophie and Gabrielle to have made us live with many emotions all which occurred so far from us...

Mont Vinson

We are proud to have helped the adventurer-lecturer François-Guy Thivierge and to have made it possible for him to be located in the conquest of the 7 peaks of the world!

This guy from Quebec will make us proud since the success of its project will lead to a Guinness record in the time he will achieve the 7 peaks :

Aconcagua 6962m. Argentina, South America, Kilimandjaro 5895m. Tanzania, Africa, Everest 8850m. Nepal, Asia, Vinson 4897m. South Pole, Antarctica, McKinley 6194m. Alaska, North America, Elbruz 5642m. Russia, Europe, Carstensz-Felswand 4884m. Nouvelle Guinea, Australia.

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